the truth of it

school is winding down. although somehow, we seem to be busier than ever.  bring a plain white t-shirt today for tie-dye activities one day, attend school with your child this day for an author’s tea, send special treats this day for end of year party, don’t forget sunscreen tomorrow for field day.  if you have school … Continue reading

the new jon & kate? you decide

full disclosure, i am a reality tv junkie.  i love me some unscripted drama with a passion.  it’s my guilty pleasure.  i can sit down, cue up my DVR and be a voyeur for an hour or two.   where else can you have a fly on the wall perspective of someone losing their marbles and turning to crystals for … Continue reading

eating seasonally

As the weather warms, she says ignoring the recent bout of overnight frost warnings in our area, I find myself thinking about delicious tomato sandwiches.  The kind where their sweet juice runs down your face as you bite into it.  The kind that you made yourself after plucking a tomato, still warm and sun-kissed, right from … Continue reading

mean people suck

As the school year was ending last year, a horrific tragedy struck my community.  A young boy was beaten to death by a group of his former classmates as he rode is bicycle in his own community.  I remember crying for the family of the victim and worrying about my own child as this tragedy occurred mere yards from the … Continue reading

Teaching Your Kids to Give Back

My husband and I are pretty civic-minded.  We live close to the Naval Academy in Maryland, so we sponsor Midshipman.  Basically this means we give the Mids a safe place to crash and get away from the rigors of their demanding schedules and provide home cooked meals for them to eat.  Full disclosure, given our busy schedules, sometimes we … Continue reading

Hi There!

Hi and welcome!  I am Nicole and I started to blog when I was on bedrest with my twin boys in 2006.  That blog became my lifeline for those long days I spent alone in the hospital for 5 weeks.  You can check that blog out here, or tune into another blog I recently started about losing … Continue reading