Healthy from preteen to adult

Preliminary research at Michigan State has linked high fat diets in preteen girls with an increased risk for breast cancer in later life. Although research is ongoing, this study is simply confirming something we’ve long known. BE HEALTHY.  Americans in particular seem to have developed the culture of the teenager, in which preteens and teenagers … Continue reading

things the clintons could have spent their money on instead

i dont know about you, but i am outraged reading some of the reported costs of the clinton nuptials that are surfacing this weekend.  from what i have read, the bill for wedding, whose details are being kept a secret, are chaching-ing in at anywhere from $2 to $5 MILLION.  people, we are a country at war, this month … Continue reading

Friday confession: shorts are scary

It’s summer, which means it’s getting pretty hot in most parts of the country.  It also means that the average population is getting more and more naked, and it makes me uncomfortable. Why?  Well, part of it is the knowledge that my 1 year old daughter will one day want to wear things that I … Continue reading

i always wanted twins, and other stupid things people say to parents of multiples

when i first learned i was pregnant with twins, i didn’t realize what becoming a mother of multiples would mean.  i couldn’t fathom how drastically it would change my life. i had no concept of how very personal details of my life would suddenly become open to public scrutiny. i spent the last five weeks of the pregnancy hospitalized. bedrest sounds like a vacation, to anyone … Continue reading

Mechanic chicks and fairy boys

source Zoot had a great post today about gender and kids.  She talks about how great everyone thinks it is when her little girl, who is fond of pink tutus and princess dresses, wants to play sports or use her brother’s tool set.  But then she hesitates to post or talk about it when her … Continue reading

does it matter?

a recent NY Times article, read it in full here, raises a discussion point on the matter of women in the workplace.  specifically, women on the supreme court.  if elena kagan is in fact confirmed during the senate hearings, this will be the first time there are three women on the supreme court at once.  the … Continue reading

How cluttered is your fridge?

Over at the New York Time’s eminently readable parenting blog Motherlode, they are discussing a new study of middle class, two-income, multiple kid family life. This study documented each moment inside the houses of 32 families, and among the headline results are: women do more housework than men, women de-stress by talking, men do not, … Continue reading

BGH Breastfeeding Gaffe

source An author at Better Homes and Gardens has recently sparked internet outrage by publishing The Ten Commandments of Dining With Little Kids.  Thanks to the vehement backlash of the internet, the article has since been updated to the 9 Commandments, removing the most heinous and offensive one. So what did the internet find so … Continue reading

Friday confession: I don’t like girls

source I don’t have a lot of friends… mostly because adult friendships with men are too complicated (very few are guaranteed to be free of the complications involved… either someone is attracted to someone else, or the guy’s significant other is bothered) and… well… I don’t like women. I have some great friends.  Amazing, strong, … Continue reading