Weight loss on the web

Kaiser Permanente released a study recently showing that people who belong to an online support group to help with their weight loss efforts are more successful than those who did not make use of this online support.  Leslie Beck’s article says that the more people logged on to the site used for the study, the … Continue reading

eating seasonally

As the weather warms, she says ignoring the recent bout of overnight frost warnings in our area, I find myself thinking about delicious tomato sandwiches.  The kind where their sweet juice runs down your face as you bite into it.  The kind that you made yourself after plucking a tomato, still warm and sun-kissed, right from … Continue reading

When even a foot in one’s mouth would leave a preferable taste

As my husband and I walked home from the park on this beautiful spring night, swinging our son between our arms and then letting him run ahead to investigate the neighborhood cats in our path, we passed some girls jogging. I noticed them at a distance. They were probably 14, and both were generously proportioned. … Continue reading

Fat Babies

My daughter had her one year check up a few days ago, where I was happy to learn that she’s looking great and growing like a weed.  She’s in the 95th percentile for her height (again) and in the 75th for her weight.  We’re happy to hear she’s healthy. While we were at the office, … Continue reading