Contact List Cleanup

This post is sponsored by Scrubly is a quick, safe way to clean up your address book.  Scrubly is a cloud‐based address book cleanup tool that safely and automatically removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook, Mac, Gmail or Google Apps address books. Scrubly also backs up your contacts both before and after scrubbing so … Continue reading

The miracle of touch

According to the Daily Mail, a woman in Australia gave birth to premature twins, a boy and a girl. The little girl was struggling but surviving, while the little boy was pronounced dead. The woman and her husband spent two hours cuddling with their limp, still son.  They told him how much he was loved, … Continue reading

Grading the graders

Teachers in the Los Angeles area are angered this week as an LA Times report makes public some private records about teacher performance. Teachers in the paper’s coverage area are outraged, calling the paper’s reporting unfair, irresponsible, and incomplete.  The newspaper, which reported the scores with an accompanying acknowledgment that these test scores are not … Continue reading

True Blood in Rolling Stone

I seem to be among a small minority of people who are fans of the show and yet find this cover to be… awkward?  Several people on Facebook have mentioned that the lovely Eric Northman is quite a bit taller than his costars, and so it’s odd to see him at the same height.  And … Continue reading

Eat. Stay. Love.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love book has become an international best-seller.  The story of a woman facing a life crisis and reinventing herself, or perhaps finding herself, through a year of world travels. Plenty of people face life altering crisis situations, and most of them would love the chance to soothe their aching hearts with … Continue reading


A 17 month old boy was beaten to death for “acting like a girl.” Let that digest for a moment. A child… a baby was brutally murdered because his caretaker had ideas about gender that filled him with so much hatred that he was willing and able to kill. Although I find his beliefs about … Continue reading

Tiny House

How small is too small?  How big is too big?  In most parts of the United States, an 800 square foot house is considered to be very small, bordering on tiny. Jay Shafer, owner and designer for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, is redefining small with his 89 square foot home. His house is so small … Continue reading

filing for divorce

i think you will all understand after watching this video why i have to file for divorce and make my new mission in life to marry lenny.  maybe i can meet him when i go to NOLA in october.  lenny – call me!!

Losing the Balancing Act

Before I get all negative, let me start by stating, up front, that my husband and I are incredibly lucky and we know it. We have a strong, committed marriage; we are both incredibly excited – with a healthy dose of terrified – about the impending birth of our first child; and we both have … Continue reading

Teaching Your Kids to Give Back

My husband and I are pretty civic-minded.  We live close to the Naval Academy in Maryland, so we sponsor Midshipman.  Basically this means we give the Mids a safe place to crash and get away from the rigors of their demanding schedules and provide home cooked meals for them to eat.  Full disclosure, given our busy schedules, sometimes we … Continue reading