Best TV marriages

TV: Where relationships go to suffer. It’s a cardinal rule of television that happy, functional couples have greater show-killing capacity than Paula Marshall. But every once and while a realistic depiction of marriage sneaks past, usually in the oddest of places. Here are a few of my favorite (current) small screen couplings


the new jon & kate? you decide

full disclosure, i am a reality tv junkie.  i love me some unscripted drama with a passion.  it’s my guilty pleasure.  i can sit down, cue up my DVR and be a voyeur for an hour or two.   where else can you have a fly on the wall perspective of someone losing their marbles and turning to crystals for … Continue reading

Breaking Up

Dear David Boreanaz: I’m sorry, but I’m breaking up with you. Stop looking at me like that.  Yes, you are… you know, decent looking… but in the end, it also turns out you’re sort of a jerk. According to the lovelies at MamaPop, you not only cheated on your wife, but you did it while … Continue reading