French twist pockets & sangria

With the beginning of football season, it’s great to have easy recipes on hand for great tasting food that can be enjoyed while watching the big game.  For a European twist on the classic football food, try these great recipes. French Twist Football Pockets are a great, handheld snack with a sophisticated taste.  Sangria offers … Continue reading

Healthy from preteen to adult

Preliminary research at Michigan State has linked high fat diets in preteen girls with an increased risk for breast cancer in later life. Although research is ongoing, this study is simply confirming something we’ve long known. BE HEALTHY.  Americans in particular seem to have developed the culture of the teenager, in which preteens and teenagers … Continue reading

Communion dog

–And in a moment of weakness… I prayed to the Virgin Mother to soothe Charly’s soul in his hour of suffering. –You understand an animal has no immortal soul. –I understand, mon pere. –Yet you flout God’s law. –I’m weak and a sinner. –What else? –Impure thoughts…. The woman who runs the chocolaterie. –Vianne Rocher? … Continue reading

Cameron Diaz is dangerous…

She looks innocent enough, right?  Cameron Diaz has been a popular Hollywood actress for years now and recently starred in a film with Tom Cruise… but that’s not what has her appearing all over the news lately. Instead, the big story about Diaz is that she’s dangerous!  According to McAfee and PC Magazine, Ms. Diaz … Continue reading

Just too many

According to People magazine, the reality stars who already have nineteen children are ready for number twenty! Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are Baptists and, from what I understand, believe that it is up to God to decide how many children they will have. I very much respect people’s rights to make their own decisions … Continue reading

140 Characters

It’s a brave new world out there, one where most of us are becoming old pros at reducing our thoughts, feelings, and daily activities to blips on the Twitter scale. We’re getting better and better at fitting fully formed, well worded, meaning laden messages into the 140 character limit of Twitter.  So how do you … Continue reading

Get a Job on Facebook?

The increased use of social media and marketing networks is changing the way that employers look for and review potential employees.  Websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even blogs can help job seekers to showcase their skills and highlight their talents. There are some rules if you’re looking for a job.  You should assume that … Continue reading

Weight loss on the web

Kaiser Permanente released a study recently showing that people who belong to an online support group to help with their weight loss efforts are more successful than those who did not make use of this online support.  Leslie Beck’s article says that the more people logged on to the site used for the study, the … Continue reading

Selfish parenting?

Are you looking for the quickest route to being accused as a selfish, self absorbed parent?  Tell people that you’re only having one child.  Worse, tell them that you’re doing so because you want some time and resources for yourself and your marriage.  Be prepared for the barrage of guilt about what you are doing … Continue reading

Disappearing Languages

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week that confirmed my long held beliefs on language.  The gist of the article was essentially that people who speak different languages can, and often do, have inherently different ways of seeing the world.  Instead of language simply being a vehicle for communicating our thoughts, researchers now … Continue reading