Communion dog

–And in a moment of weakness… I prayed to the Virgin Mother to soothe Charly’s soul in his hour of suffering. –You understand an animal has no immortal soul. –I understand, mon pere. –Yet you flout God’s law. –I’m weak and a sinner. –What else? –Impure thoughts…. The woman who runs the chocolaterie. –Vianne Rocher? … Continue reading

Raising a churchless child

source My husband and I were both raised Mormon.  Independently of one another, we both stopped going to church after high school.  Now, as adults, we are happy and comfortable with our personal belief systems and neither of us have any interest in going back to church, any church.  My husband’s belief system leans more … Continue reading

Is gay a choice?

I consider myself to be open minded, supportive of equal rights, and genuinely of the belief that everyone should be free to be themselves, to love whoever they choose to, and to live freely.  I don’t understand the issues behind gay marriage because I don’t understand why it’s the business of anyone but the couple.  … Continue reading