Twilight & domestic violence

I saw the latest Twlight movie (Eclipse) with my nine year old cousin this weekend.  She was thrilled (as was I) to have someone to go to the movie with.  She is a great kid, smart and responsible, and she loves the Twilight series.  She was especially excited for this movie because she hadn’t finished … Continue reading

Losing the Balancing Act

Before I get all negative, let me start by stating, up front, that my husband and I are incredibly lucky and we know it. We have a strong, committed marriage; we are both incredibly excited – with a healthy dose of terrified – about the impending birth of our first child; and we both have … Continue reading

When spouses differ on having children

Any married person has figured out how to resolve conflicts. Certainly I thought my husband and I had. But the truth is, we’d never disagreed on anything that important before. Sure, he calls the food I buy “fancy” and I try to convince him that not all generics are the exact same thing repackaged, but … Continue reading

Is gay a choice?

I consider myself to be open minded, supportive of equal rights, and genuinely of the belief that everyone should be free to be themselves, to love whoever they choose to, and to live freely.  I don’t understand the issues behind gay marriage because I don’t understand why it’s the business of anyone but the couple.  … Continue reading

Best TV marriages

TV: Where relationships go to suffer. It’s a cardinal rule of television that happy, functional couples have greater show-killing capacity than Paula Marshall. But every once and while a realistic depiction of marriage sneaks past, usually in the oddest of places. Here are a few of my favorite (current) small screen couplings

Friday confession: I don’t like girls

source I don’t have a lot of friends… mostly because adult friendships with men are too complicated (very few are guaranteed to be free of the complications involved… either someone is attracted to someone else, or the guy’s significant other is bothered) and… well… I don’t like women. I have some great friends.  Amazing, strong, … Continue reading