Just too many

According to People magazine, the reality stars who already have nineteen children are ready for number twenty! Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are Baptists and, from what I understand, believe that it is up to God to decide how many children they will have. I very much respect people’s rights to make their own decisions … Continue reading

things the clintons could have spent their money on instead

i dont know about you, but i am outraged reading some of the reported costs of the clinton nuptials that are surfacing this weekend.  from what i have read, the bill for wedding, whose details are being kept a secret, are chaching-ing in at anywhere from $2 to $5 MILLION.  people, we are a country at war, this month … Continue reading

No more secrets

A recent New York Times article talks about the way information endures on the web. While browsing my Facebook page, I see a few posts from my younger brother’s friends.  They’re college kids, and I frequently wonder if they’re thinking about this.  I wonder if, when they post sexual jokes or pictures of joints, they’re … Continue reading

Twilight & domestic violence

I saw the latest Twlight movie (Eclipse) with my nine year old cousin this weekend.  She was thrilled (as was I) to have someone to go to the movie with.  She is a great kid, smart and responsible, and she loves the Twilight series.  She was especially excited for this movie because she hadn’t finished … Continue reading