the answer to every NICU parents #1 question?

new research could potentially lead to insight about the outcome of preemies; whether they will face serious complications or skate through their NICU days with relative ease. as a parent of two NICU graduates, this is exciting news.  if you have never had a loved one hospitalized, it is hard to imagine the agony of wondering what … Continue reading

Healthy from preteen to adult

Preliminary research at Michigan State has linked high fat diets in preteen girls with an increased risk for breast cancer in later life. Although research is ongoing, this study is simply confirming something we’ve long known. BE HEALTHY.  Americans in particular seem to have developed the culture of the teenager, in which preteens and teenagers … Continue reading

Just too many

According to People magazine, the reality stars who already have nineteen children are ready for number twenty! Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are Baptists and, from what I understand, believe that it is up to God to decide how many children they will have. I very much respect people’s rights to make their own decisions … Continue reading

Selfish parenting?

Are you looking for the quickest route to being accused as a selfish, self absorbed parent?  Tell people that you’re only having one child.  Worse, tell them that you’re doing so because you want some time and resources for yourself and your marriage.  Be prepared for the barrage of guilt about what you are doing … Continue reading

Is breastfeeding creepy? Don’t ask me. I nursed a two-year-old.

Breastfeeding has been in the news recently (isn’t it always?). This time it’s the British parenting magazine Mother & Baby stirring things up with their editor Kathryn Blundell’s editorial titled, “I formula fed. So what?” in which she hopes to empower formula moms by saying she feels nursing is “creepy.” Yeah, this is the kind … Continue reading

Twilight & domestic violence

I saw the latest Twlight movie (Eclipse) with my nine year old cousin this weekend.  She was thrilled (as was I) to have someone to go to the movie with.  She is a great kid, smart and responsible, and she loves the Twilight series.  She was especially excited for this movie because she hadn’t finished … Continue reading

Plugged in

source A recent New York Times article talks about the increased amount of time parents spend “plugged in” to laptops, internet capable phones, and more.  The article suggests that parents who spend a lot of time online are detrimental to the health and happiness of their children. The boy, who Ms. Im estimates was about … Continue reading

Classical education: making old into new

A recent New York Times opinion article touched on the potential advantages of high school curriculum focusing on a “classical education,” which usually means a concentration on Latin and classical literature along with course offerings in reasoning, rhetoric, and philosophy. In the Times article, the author was fortunate enough to attend a classics high school … Continue reading

at what cost

it was hard to turn on the news or launch an online media source today without hearing the name abby sunderland.  abby is a 16-year-old female adventurer whose dream it is to become the youngest person to sail non-stop around the world alone.  take that in for a minute.  she is 16 and sailing around the world. … Continue reading

When spouses differ on having children

Any married person has figured out how to resolve conflicts. Certainly I thought my husband and I had. But the truth is, we’d never disagreed on anything that important before. Sure, he calls the food I buy “fancy” and I try to convince him that not all generics are the exact same thing repackaged, but … Continue reading