the answer to every NICU parents #1 question?

new research could potentially lead to insight about the outcome of preemies; whether they will face serious complications or skate through their NICU days with relative ease. as a parent of two NICU graduates, this is exciting news.  if you have never had a loved one hospitalized, it is hard to imagine the agony of wondering what … Continue reading

Is breastfeeding creepy? Don’t ask me. I nursed a two-year-old.

Breastfeeding has been in the news recently (isn’t it always?). This time it’s the British parenting magazine Mother & Baby stirring things up with their editor Kathryn Blundell’s editorial titled, “I formula fed. So what?” in which she hopes to empower formula moms by saying she feels nursing is “creepy.” Yeah, this is the kind … Continue reading

i always wanted twins, and other stupid things people say to parents of multiples

when i first learned i was pregnant with twins, i didn’t realize what becoming a mother of multiples would mean.  i couldn’t fathom how drastically it would change my life. i had no concept of how very personal details of my life would suddenly become open to public scrutiny. i spent the last five weeks of the pregnancy hospitalized. bedrest sounds like a vacation, to anyone … Continue reading

Urban Mommy 101?

The other night I was dropping a friend off at her house, which is in a neighborhood not far from, and not unlike, the one in which I grew up. The streets are wide and well-paved; there are neat little houses as far as the eye can see, and the only sign of “industry” is … Continue reading

the truth of it

school is winding down. although somehow, we seem to be busier than ever.  bring a plain white t-shirt today for tie-dye activities one day, attend school with your child this day for an author’s tea, send special treats this day for end of year party, don’t forget sunscreen tomorrow for field day.  if you have school … Continue reading