i always wanted twins, and other stupid things people say to parents of multiples

when i first learned i was pregnant with twins, i didn’t realize what becoming a mother of multiples would mean.  i couldn’t fathom how drastically it would change my life. i had no concept of how very personal details of my life would suddenly become open to public scrutiny. i spent the last five weeks of the pregnancy hospitalized. bedrest sounds like a vacation, to anyone … Continue reading

Does it matter where you live?

I was talking with a colleague recently who was thinking about applying for jobs across the country. She’s always thought she’d be happier on the West Coast.  “But really,” she said, “Aren’t I fooling myself? Wouldn’t life be pretty much the same, just somewhere else?” I feel I know something about this. I spent 15 … Continue reading

Gender divide: Dads who drink

I was reading an article over the weekend about women and alcohol.  In the article it said that one third of alcoholics in America are women.  The statistic was supposed to make an impact, make me think “wow, women do have a problem with alcohol.” Instead, it was silly.  First of all, a statistic loses … Continue reading