Hey there!

Welcome to the fence! I’m Jen, and this is my first blog experience, though I’ve been writing in the non-virtual world since college. Me in a nutshell: I’m in my late twenties, happily married and employed by an education non-profit. I recently moved back to my hometown after 10 years away, and (drum roll) I’m … Continue reading

Hi there

Hi, I’m Hillary. After 15 years living on the East Coast, I recently moved back to the city of my birth to enjoy a midwestern utopia where a cat can be found on every stoop and an apple pie in every sill. During the day, I work in PR for a popular children’s magazine; at … Continue reading

Hi There!

Hi and welcome!  I am Nicole and I started to blog when I was on bedrest with my twin boys in 2006.  That blog became my lifeline for those long days I spent alone in the hospital for 5 weeks.  You can check that blog out here, or tune into another blog I recently started about losing … Continue reading

Welcome to Over the Fence!

Hi!  Welcome to Over the Fence.  I’m Skinny Sushi.  That’s me over there with the cape!  I blog about life, loss, and parenting at Yummy Sushi Pajamas.  I talk about health, weight loss, and fitness (including my efforts with Couch to 5K training) at Skinny Sushi. I’m thirty years old, a mom, a graduate student, … Continue reading