Cameron Diaz is dangerous…

She looks innocent enough, right?  Cameron Diaz has been a popular Hollywood actress for years now and recently starred in a film with Tom Cruise… but that’s not what has her appearing all over the news lately. Instead, the big story about Diaz is that she’s dangerous!  According to McAfee and PC Magazine, Ms. Diaz … Continue reading

140 Characters

It’s a brave new world out there, one where most of us are becoming old pros at reducing our thoughts, feelings, and daily activities to blips on the Twitter scale. We’re getting better and better at fitting fully formed, well worded, meaning laden messages into the 140 character limit of Twitter.  So how do you … Continue reading

Get a Job on Facebook?

The increased use of social media and marketing networks is changing the way that employers look for and review potential employees.  Websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even blogs can help job seekers to showcase their skills and highlight their talents. There are some rules if you’re looking for a job.  You should assume that … Continue reading

Weight loss on the web

Kaiser Permanente released a study recently showing that people who belong to an online support group to help with their weight loss efforts are more successful than those who did not make use of this online support.  Leslie Beck’s article says that the more people logged on to the site used for the study, the … Continue reading

No more secrets

A recent New York Times article talks about the way information endures on the web. While browsing my Facebook page, I see a few posts from my younger brother’s friends.  They’re college kids, and I frequently wonder if they’re thinking about this.  I wonder if, when they post sexual jokes or pictures of joints, they’re … Continue reading

Plugged in

source A recent New York Times article talks about the increased amount of time parents spend “plugged in” to laptops, internet capable phones, and more.  The article suggests that parents who spend a lot of time online are detrimental to the health and happiness of their children. The boy, who Ms. Im estimates was about … Continue reading