Losing the Balancing Act

Before I get all negative, let me start by stating, up front, that my husband and I are incredibly lucky and we know it. We have a strong, committed marriage; we are both incredibly excited – with a healthy dose of terrified – about the impending birth of our first child; and we both have … Continue reading

Does it matter where you live?

I was talking with a colleague recently who was thinking about applying for jobs across the country. She’s always thought she’d be happier on the West Coast.  “But really,” she said, “Aren’t I fooling myself? Wouldn’t life be pretty much the same, just somewhere else?” I feel I know something about this. I spent 15 … Continue reading

the truth of it

school is winding down. although somehow, we seem to be busier than ever.  bring a plain white t-shirt today for tie-dye activities one day, attend school with your child this day for an author’s tea, send special treats this day for end of year party, don’t forget sunscreen tomorrow for field day.  if you have school … Continue reading

the new jon & kate? you decide

full disclosure, i am a reality tv junkie.  i love me some unscripted drama with a passion.  it’s my guilty pleasure.  i can sit down, cue up my DVR and be a voyeur for an hour or two.   where else can you have a fly on the wall perspective of someone losing their marbles and turning to crystals for … Continue reading

Redecorating the nursery

Before you get started on this post, please go leave a comment on my giveaway.  A comment will enter you to win a hilarious calendar from a great friend in Italy. This is (sort of) what my daughter’s room looks like right now.  She’s got a sheep theme.  The dressers and crib are flat against … Continue reading