Disappearing Languages

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week that confirmed my long held beliefs on language.  The gist of the article was essentially that people who speak different languages can, and often do, have inherently different ways of seeing the world.  Instead of language simply being a vehicle for communicating our thoughts, researchers now … Continue reading

Classical education: making old into new

A recent New York Times opinion article touched on the potential advantages of high school curriculum focusing on a “classical education,” which usually means a concentration on Latin and classical literature along with course offerings in reasoning, rhetoric, and philosophy. In the Times article, the author was fortunate enough to attend a classics high school … Continue reading

Mortar falls in Roman Colosseum

I know there is a lot of big news going on all over the world every day, but there are some stories I can’t help but pay attention to.  My latest is this one from Reuters India: Falling mortar renews worry over Rome’s Colosseum I know this isn’t tragic news for a lot of people.  … Continue reading