Is breastfeeding creepy? Don’t ask me. I nursed a two-year-old.

Breastfeeding has been in the news recently (isn’t it always?). This time it’s the British parenting magazine Mother & Baby stirring things up with their editor Kathryn Blundell’s editorial titled, “I formula fed. So what?” in which she hopes to empower formula moms by saying she feels nursing is “creepy.” Yeah, this is the kind … Continue reading

When spouses differ on having children

Any married person has figured out how to resolve conflicts. Certainly I thought my husband and I had. But the truth is, we’d never disagreed on anything that important before. Sure, he calls the food I buy “fancy” and I try to convince him that not all generics are the exact same thing repackaged, but … Continue reading

Does it matter where you live?

I was talking with a colleague recently who was thinking about applying for jobs across the country. She’s always thought she’d be happier on the West Coast.  “But really,” she said, “Aren’t I fooling myself? Wouldn’t life be pretty much the same, just somewhere else?” I feel I know something about this. I spent 15 … Continue reading

Plunging in . . . and letting go

Last weekend the community pool down the street from our house opened for the summer. Being an especially humid and sunny week in my part of the world, it attracted quite a crowd. The pool looked more like a mosh pit than a tranquil oasis. We decided we could wait a few days before trying … Continue reading

Best TV marriages

TV: Where relationships go to suffer. It’s a cardinal rule of television that happy, functional couples have greater show-killing capacity than Paula Marshall. But every once and while a realistic depiction of marriage sneaks past, usually in the oddest of places. Here are a few of my favorite (current) small screen couplings

5 unexpected joys of parenthood

Continuing on my theme of talking about the good stuff, I’ve been thinking about some of the hidden joys of parenthood. Sure, some things you expect: cuddles from a very small human, them saying the darndest things, and eventually someone to visit your nursing home on Venus. (What, they are reinvesting in the space program, … Continue reading

How cluttered is your fridge?

Over at the New York Time’s eminently readable parenting blog Motherlode, they are discussing a new study of middle class, two-income, multiple kid family life. This study documented each moment inside the houses of 32 families, and among the headline results are: women do more housework than men, women de-stress by talking, men do not, … Continue reading

Friday Confession: I don’t juggle

I have a secret. I don’t juggle. That’s true in more than one sense. I cannot keep three objects in the air at once, and, (psssst), I have a child, work full time, and I pretty much consider my life easy peasy. Saying this out loud, in print, feels kinda scandalous. This is not what … Continue reading

The Rube Tube and Other Adventures in the Media’s Love Affair with Murky Social Science

Another new study out this week suggests that for each additional hour of TV a toddler watches per week, the more difficulty he or she may have with math, bullying, and overall engagement in the classroom at age 10. Of course, like most studies picked up by the media, articles covering this study do not … Continue reading

Top 5 Pieces of Parenting Advice I Got That Were Total Crap (for me)

Ever noticed how the world is now full of parenting “experts?” Just scan a Parenting magazine. It’s chock full of people who claim to be doing it better than you. But I’ve found not all the advice I was given in books, magazines and by friends worked out so well for my family. Here’s my top 5 list of advice that turned out to be total crap in practice at our house: