things the clintons could have spent their money on instead

i dont know about you, but i am outraged reading some of the reported costs of the clinton nuptials that are surfacing this weekend.  from what i have read, the bill for wedding, whose details are being kept a secret, are chaching-ing in at anywhere from $2 to $5 MILLION.  people, we are a country at war, this month … Continue reading

Disappearing Languages

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week that confirmed my long held beliefs on language.  The gist of the article was essentially that people who speak different languages can, and often do, have inherently different ways of seeing the world.  Instead of language simply being a vehicle for communicating our thoughts, researchers now … Continue reading

No more secrets

A recent New York Times article talks about the way information endures on the web. While browsing my Facebook page, I see a few posts from my younger brother’s friends.  They’re college kids, and I frequently wonder if they’re thinking about this.  I wonder if, when they post sexual jokes or pictures of joints, they’re … Continue reading

Is breastfeeding creepy? Don’t ask me. I nursed a two-year-old.

Breastfeeding has been in the news recently (isn’t it always?). This time it’s the British parenting magazine Mother & Baby stirring things up with their editor Kathryn Blundell’s editorial titled, “I formula fed. So what?” in which she hopes to empower formula moms by saying she feels nursing is “creepy.” Yeah, this is the kind … Continue reading

Losing the Balancing Act

Before I get all negative, let me start by stating, up front, that my husband and I are incredibly lucky and we know it. We have a strong, committed marriage; we are both incredibly excited – with a healthy dose of terrified – about the impending birth of our first child; and we both have … Continue reading

Plugged in

source A recent New York Times article talks about the increased amount of time parents spend “plugged in” to laptops, internet capable phones, and more.  The article suggests that parents who spend a lot of time online are detrimental to the health and happiness of their children. The boy, who Ms. Im estimates was about … Continue reading

i always wanted twins, and other stupid things people say to parents of multiples

when i first learned i was pregnant with twins, i didn’t realize what becoming a mother of multiples would mean.  i couldn’t fathom how drastically it would change my life. i had no concept of how very personal details of my life would suddenly become open to public scrutiny. i spent the last five weeks of the pregnancy hospitalized. bedrest sounds like a vacation, to anyone … Continue reading

Raising a churchless child

source My husband and I were both raised Mormon.  Independently of one another, we both stopped going to church after high school.  Now, as adults, we are happy and comfortable with our personal belief systems and neither of us have any interest in going back to church, any church.  My husband’s belief system leans more … Continue reading

Plunging in . . . and letting go

Last weekend the community pool down the street from our house opened for the summer. Being an especially humid and sunny week in my part of the world, it attracted quite a crowd. The pool looked more like a mosh pit than a tranquil oasis. We decided we could wait a few days before trying … Continue reading

Urban Mommy 101?

The other night I was dropping a friend off at her house, which is in a neighborhood not far from, and not unlike, the one in which I grew up. The streets are wide and well-paved; there are neat little houses as far as the eye can see, and the only sign of “industry” is … Continue reading