French twist pockets & sangria

With the beginning of football season, it’s great to have easy recipes on hand for great tasting food that can be enjoyed while watching the big game.  For a European twist on the classic football food, try these great recipes. French Twist Football Pockets are a great, handheld snack with a sophisticated taste.  Sangria offers … Continue reading

eating seasonally

As the weather warms, she says ignoring the recent bout of overnight frost warnings in our area, I find myself thinking about delicious tomato sandwiches.  The kind where their sweet juice runs down your face as you bite into it.  The kind that you made yourself after plucking a tomato, still warm and sun-kissed, right from … Continue reading

Animal Cupcakes

I really wanted to make cupcakes for my daughter’s zoo birthday party, but I’ve been doing a lot of work trying to get and stay healthy, so I wanted the cupcakes to be at least a little better for you without being those icky, “healthy” baked goods. I went searching and found exactly what I … Continue reading