Contact List Cleanup

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Scrubly is a quick, safe way to clean up your address book.  Scrubly is a cloud‐based address book cleanup tool that safely and automatically removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook, Mac, Gmail or Google Apps address books. Scrubly also backs up your contacts both before and after scrubbing so you always have a safe backup you can download anytime.

Using ScrubbelatorTM technology, Scrubly scans your contacts for exact and closely matching duplicates and flags them for removal. Once flagged, you have the opportunity to review one or all of the duplicate contact groups before processing. Or, simply remove all duplicates with one click. Conflicted duplicate fields are some of the most difficult to resolve. For example, you may have entered a phone number into the Home field of one contact but in another you entered that same number into the Work field, which one is correct? If you have ever synced your contacts with a mobile phone, you may have experienced the common problem of field mis‐matching which is the primary cause of conflicted contacts. Scrubly solves these problems by scanning your contacts looking for conflict patters. With the Scrubly Conflict Resolution Wizard, the
system quickly resolves common conflicts in groups saving you a huge amount of time along the way.

Scrubly has both free and premium options:

  • Free to scrub up to 500 contacts
  • One time scrub at $9.95 or unlimited yearly at $19.95

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