the answer to every NICU parents #1 question?

new research could potentially lead to insight about the outcome of preemies; whether they will face serious complications or skate through their NICU days with relative ease. as a parent of two NICU graduates, this is exciting news.

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if you have never had a loved one hospitalized, it is hard to imagine the agony of wondering what the patient’s outcome will be.  there is a reason they call it the practice of medicine. there are relatively few absolutes in medicine.  i am sure doctors would love to know for sure what the outcome will be for each and every patient, but sometimes things do not go as planned.  when you are sitting beside an isolette in an intensive care unit watching your child cling to life, its difficult to hear doctors say things like, “every child is different” or “we can’t know with certainty where this will lead us” or “sometimes we see babies take one step forward only to take two steps backward.”

 i can only imagine the hope that the PhysiScore, so far determined to be more accurate that the Apgar score, will offer to parents. it is my hope that it will offer some comfort to those parents who will spend long nights sitting beside one or more isolettes hoping for the best possible outcome.



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