Healthy from preteen to adult

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Preliminary research at Michigan State has linked high fat diets in preteen girls with an increased risk for breast cancer in later life.

Although research is ongoing, this study is simply confirming something we’ve long known.

BE HEALTHY.  Americans in particular seem to have developed the culture of the teenager, in which preteens and teenagers seem to be allowed an attitude of immunity.  Very few people are making concerted efforts to keep their kids healthy and active at any age, and teenagers in particular are given a carte blanche to eat ridiculous amounts of fat and calories because it’s cool, popular, or easy.

As parents, we owe it to our children to keep them from this kind of lifestyle.  It is among our most important duties to raise children who understand the value of healthy food and regular exercise, who enjoy vegetables far more often than they do pizza, and for whom high fat/calorie foods are an occasional indulgence instead of a way of life.

Life is hard enough.  We owe it to our kids to raise them with as many advantages as possible, and healthy habits will improve not only their overall health and happiness, but may even make a difference in their job opportunities or recreational activities.  Lets raise kids who live long, active lives.

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