Just too many

Duggars - 20th child?

source: people.com

According to People magazine, the reality stars who already have nineteen children are ready for number twenty!

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are Baptists and, from what I understand, believe that it is up to God to decide how many children they will have.

I very much respect people’s rights to make their own decisions about family and childbirth.  They are clearly able to provide good lives and a safe home for their children, so until now I would have said that I didn’t see an issue with their giant family… except perhaps to say I could NEVER do it myself.  I think they must be very organized, loving, patient people to be able to parent so many children.

However, now I have to take issue.  The latest child, a little girl named Josie, was born early due to preeclampsia and then spent quite a while in the hospital recovering from a rare bowel condition that led to surgery at eight days old.

Given the circumstances and Michelle’s age (which is considered by the medical community to be “advanced maternal age” and therefore means she is at higher risk for quite a few pregnancy and birth issues), I just don’t think it’s responsible to try again.  First of all, Michelle could literally die if she ends up with preeclampsia again.  She’d likely have a doctor overseeing her next pregnancy, and I know she has a strong faith in God calling the shots here, so perhaps she isn’t concerned about her own life.

But what about #20?  Given baby Josie’s issues, there is a good chance that another pregnancy would not only be risking Michelle’s life, but the child’s as well.  And THAT is where I take issue.  When you decide to keep trying to have children knowing that doing so could put those same children at risk…  it’s unforgivable.  It’s cruel.  It makes me angry and sad, and makes me wonder what their motivation really is for so many children…

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5 Responses to “Just too many”
  1. Xaisede doesnt post anymore. says:

    Babtists arent like that. They are a member of the Quiverfull movement, which I do disagree with, but I am tolerant of.

  2. Hailerstar says:

    I think too the fact that she might die with the next one should be a very weighty factor. Because if she dies, who takes care of the other 19 kids?

    I watched something about their family once, and they are Very Organized. But I felt a little uneasy about the documentary on baby 18. Because it seemed like after mom had the child, then the newborn was mostly foisted off on the other, older girls. While I think families should divide responsibilities to keep things running smoothly and to the benefit of the family at large, I do not think your older children should become ‘mini-moms’ because you’ve overtaxed yourself.

    I understand that this is assumption on my part, and could be wrong. I am going on the fact that all of the footage/pictures I saw had the littlest one (at the time) always in the care of the older girls. There was maybe one singular photo, probably a newborn shot, of her with her mother. It came off as looking like the older children all bear the heavy responsibility of raising the younger ones and I do not think that is what having a large family is all about.

  3. n. says:

    having spent 40 days in the NICU with critically ill children i can not imagine proceeding with additional pregnancies where the same result or much worse were likely. NICU is a rollercoaster with many more downs than ups on the best of days. many parents walk out of those NICU doors without their children. babies who, even though they were fighters, did not win the ultimate fight to stay alive.

    at this point, i feel, its just plan selfish on their part to knowingly bring another child into those likely circumstances. love the other 19 children you have and spend yours days counting your blessings, your cups runneth over.

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