Get a Job on Facebook?

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The increased use of social media and marketing networks is changing the way that employers look for and review potential employees.  Websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even blogs can help job seekers to showcase their skills and highlight their talents.

There are some rules if you’re looking for a job.  You should assume that potential employers are searching for your name on Google.  They’re looking at your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn connections, and even your MySpace page.  So before you start sending out applications, take some precautions:

  • remove any profanity from your pages
  • avoid pictures, links, or references to any drug use, heavy drinking, or sexual activity
  • remove any religious, social, or political references that might not be looked on kindly by employers
  • avoid references to criminal activity
  • no novelty email addresses… get a free account from Yahoo or Gmail instead of applying for jobs with user names with silly, offensive, or sexual elements
  • clean out your groups – membership in groups or fan pages is fine, but look over your groups carefully and weed out any offensive, pointless, or potentially damaging groups
  • online games – a game or two might not be a problem, but job seekers whose profiles are littered with references to games they’re playing will be taken less seriously.  Lots of gaming references (unless you’re applying for a gaming job) give employers the impression that you might not be ready to take a job seriously.

Most importantly, do your homework.  Every employer is different.  Do your research to figure out what makes sense to get you the job you want.  No matter where you’re applying, remember that your online presence is often your only chance at a first impression.  If you keep your profile pages clean and professional, you’ll have an easier time finding a position with the company you want.

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