No more secrets

A recent New York Times article talks about the way information endures on the web.

While browsing my Facebook page, I see a few posts from my younger brother’s friends.  They’re college kids, and I frequently wonder if they’re thinking about this.  I wonder if, when they post sexual jokes or pictures of joints, they’re considering that in three or four years these things could really come back to bite them?  After all, it could be argued that this is the first generation of college students who have such all access use of the internet, the first group to really be posting the in and outs of their every day worlds.  These kids (and some people my own age as well) post half naked, drunken pictures.  They type out long posts about their hatred for a certain professor or job.  Boy are they going to be sorry in four years when they are denied entry into the graduate program of their choice because their graduate faculty would have included that professor… you know, the one they posted a long winded rant about?  The post they’ve long since forgotten?

It’s a brave, new, information laden world my friends, and more and more college recruiters and employers are looking at your MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  Think you’re safe because you don’t use your real name?  What about your email, or a picture a friend tags, or even a confluence of factoids like your home city and your school… it can come together to ruin.

So think twice before you post something.  You never know who will Google it in five years.

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