Tiny House

How small is too small?  How big is too big?  In most parts of the United States, an 800 square foot house is considered to be very small, bordering on tiny.

Jay Shafer, owner and designer for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, is redefining small with his 89 square foot home.

Jay Shafer - tiny house

His house is so small that, since it’s on wheels, it’s actually considered a trailer and doesn’t even need a building permit.  His company designs houses ranging from approximately 70 to more than 800 square feet with designs including 1-3 bedrooms.

Even the largest floorplan costs less tha $50,000 to build, and these tiny homes save thousands of dollars in utility costs. (image source)

For my family of three, a 90 square foot home might be a little too small… but I think we could easily make the larger homes work.  800-900 square feet would be plenty for me, would save us money on bills, would give me a lot less house to clean, and would encourage us to spend more time outside.  To me, a home is more about having a safe place to sleep and retreat from weather extremes than it is about having a palatial estate in which to live my life.  As I get older, healthier, busier, I prefer spending my time out of the house when I can.  I’d rather experience the world, and these tiny houses could give me the time and money I’d need to do just that.

So would I do it?  Absolutely.  But would you?  Why?  Why not?  What would you do with the time you saved on house cleaning/maintenance?  What would you do with the money you saved by paying less than $100 PER YEAR in utilities as Shafer does?

I’d travel.

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  2. […] Tiny House – How small is too small?  How big is too big? […]

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