the truth of it

school is winding down. although somehow, we seem to be busier than ever.  bring a plain white t-shirt today for tie-dye activities one day, attend school with your child this day for an author’s tea, send special treats this day for end of year party, don’t forget sunscreen tomorrow for field day.  if you have school aged children, you are certainly familiar with this end of year frenzy of activities.  but something parents might not be discussing at the bus stop is how terrified they are when these activities come to a halt.

i, for one, am already starting to stress out about how i am going to keep two-three year olds and a six-year-old busy all summer.  we have joined the community pool, which would be great if my six-year-old wasnt deathly afraid of swimming.  we are still caught in that stage where the little boys want/need to be in a baby pool and their big brother would much rather be home in front of the tv be in the shallowest end of the big pool clinging gracefully to the closest adult. given that the cloning machine i ordered still hasn’t arrived, i am guessing our pool visits will be limited to those days when i have help on hand.  so that leaves, oh about 60some days where i am left to occupy my boys alone.

i asked my six-year-old to make a list of what he wants to do this summer.  the good news about that list is that since i will have to get a full-time job to bankroll the things on it, it will be up to a nanny to check things off the list. oh right, that isn’t going to happen either. and thanks to the summer camp experience gone bad last summer, my six-year-old is not too keen on the idea of camp again either.

so as i make my way to the last day of school, quaking in my flip-flops, i am putting it out there to the internets – how do you deal with summer?


2 Responses to “the truth of it”
  1. Skinny Sushi says:

    I love you coming out here and admitting that summer scares you. I hope people stop by with some helpful advice. I promise to come with you to the pool if my car ever gets fixed.

  2. H says:

    I don’t have school aged kids yet, but laughed reading your post. Growing up, I don’t think my mom worked too hard to give us stuff to do during the summer. I was usually so bored to tears by August I couldn’t WAIT for school to start. So I guess there was something to that approach. . . .

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