Friday confession: mommy has tattoos

This is my right arm:

Right arm tattoo I got this tattoo when I turned 21… mostly just because I wanted to.  It was simple and inexpensive and I designed it myself.  In the years since then, it has come to mean even more because my sister and brother have both incorporated the center heart into their own (much better executed) tattoos.  My sister has hers on her lower back (as part of a much larger piece):

sister tattoo

My brother’s is part of the celtic knotwork on an awesome tattoo that also celebrates our Polish heritage and his work as a firefighter/EMT:

brother tattooBecause it now stands for a family connection, the tattoo means one thousand times more to me than it once did.  But it’s not my only tattoo…

This is my left arm:

Aodin tattoo

In memory of Aodin...

If you click on the picture, you’ll end up at the memorial site for my son.  He was stillborn at 20 weeks, and the footprints inside the butterfly are his real footprints, though they were a little larger than the tattoo version.  This tattoo means the world to me, in part because I have so little of my son without it.

My tattoos are easily hidden, but I rarely hide them because I am proud of them.  They mean something real to me, and they stand for family and love and permanence.  My mother has the same butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder, and a rose on her ankle.  My father has two tattoos as well.  I will likely get one more, for my daughter, before I’m done.

I love my ink, but it’s not always popular.  I have a lot of friends with beautiful tattoos, well done work that means something, and I know some people who have random tattoos that they got just for fun as well.  Not every tattoo has deep emotional significance, and that’s fine with me.  It’s self expression in the same way that a piercing or even a haircut are… if a little more permanent.

But not everyone sees tattoos as innocent forms of self expression.  Most jobs don’t allow visible tattoos, and many churches don’t approve either.  I wish I understood the human tendency toward judgment.  Why should it matter how I adorn MY body, any more than it matters how I dress my son or what toys my daughter plays with?  If you don’t want a tattoo, don’t get one.  Why should it be your decision whether or not I have one?  And when my daughter is older and wants one?  Right on.  I only require that she pay for it herself, research her options, go to a reputable artist, and think about the design for six months before she commits.

Don’t get me started on other topics for which I could apply the same arguments…

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2 Responses to “Friday confession: mommy has tattoos”
  1. H says:

    Aodin’s tattoo is beautiful. What a great way to symbolize that he is a part of you.

  2. mom says:

    That’s my girl. ALWAYS think for yourself; ignore the multitudes who choose to judge. You are a wonderful girl with a good and kind heart and I’m pretty sure anyone who finds fault with your tattoos has a much bigger issue than you do! I love you so…and I also love MY tattoos…(cuz Moomy has tottoos!!)

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