the new jon & kate? you decide

full disclosure, i am a reality tv junkie.  i love me some unscripted drama with a passion.  it’s my guilty pleasure.  i can sit down, cue up my DVR and be a voyeur for an hour or two.   where else can you have a fly on the wall perspective of someone losing their marbles and turning to crystals for protection, lose half their body weight in a single tv season, flip a dinner table in a restaurant while calling a co-star a “prostitution whore”, or witness the “most exciting rose ceremony ever” all from the comfort of your own living room? 

i am going to come clean and say that i used to be a fan of jon & kate plus 8.  that is, before it became jon & kate plus a product placement.  as a mother of multiples myself, i watched to see how the average day went for someone like kate gosselin.  in the beginning, i appreciated that she sometimes blew up at her husband during a stressful shopping trip to toysrbigboxstore with 8 children in tow.  to me that seemed like real life.  obviously those scenes were unscripted.  the stress of raising multiples is profound.  it is no wonder there is a higher divorce rate among parents of multiples than couples with singletons.  but then the show became all about the latest trip or freebie the family had scored.  it was no longer enjoyable to watch the couples interactions which had disintegrated into daily berating of one’s spouse.  so i moved onto to other reality shows.  there options were endless. 

image credit: Michael Weschler for The New York Times

image credit: Michael Weschler for The New York Times

last week a friend, also a mother of multiples, asked me if i was watching 9 by Design.  i was not.  lucky for me, there were a few episodes OnDemand.  i have to say, i was hooked from the first episode i downloaded.  this family, cortney and bob novogratz and their 7 kids, rocks.  the parents are house flippers/interior designers extraordinaire.  their children have crazy names like breaker, major and five. i mean, what else would you name your fifth child?? the family is full of love and i totally dig their design sensibilities. in one episode they raised a ton of money for a family friend whose daughter is battling cancer and turned around the very next night and raised money for a basketball program that offers city children a chance to excel at not just basketball, but life in general.  what is not to like about this family? 

 my hope is that become the new jon & kate minus the product placements and everything else that ruins reality tv.  what do you think?


2 Responses to “the new jon & kate? you decide”
  1. Skinny Sushi says:

    I hate to say it, but I honestly think that any successful reality show eventually devolves into one giant commercial… it’s part of why I don’t watch them.

  2. kohalas says:

    You are not alone, I am hooked on reality TV and I am not ashamed to admit it. I know a lot of it is scripted and yeah, comes a point many times its too bought but for the most part, I love them hence the reason we call it guilty pleasure. My current top hooked is probably The City on MTV, cat fight anyone?

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