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I’ve been spending time lately on Rosetta Stone’s Language Journeys blog (the latest is about Granada), as well as doing what I can with the free language learning tools on LiveMocha.  I’m doing everything I can to get my skills with Italian back, and I’m also playing around with the idea of resurrecting a long forgotten French.  I have a secret goal of being passably familiar with all of the Romance languages, so I’d have to add Spanish, Portugese, and Romanian (yikes!) to the list to get there.  I wish there were a way to do it without trying to fit classes into my schedule.

So far my time onLiveMocha has been useful in terms of interaction, but I’m not sure the classes are helping me much.  I’d love to try Rosetta Stone, but it’s so far out of my budget that it’s not even worth thinking about right now.  I’m especially jealous of their new TOTALe program with native speaker feedback…  Maybe one day I’ll do it, and the husband would love to learn Spanish as well.

All of these thoughts on language have me wondering about the best ways to communicate… in so many aspects.  I try to use as much Italian as I can with my daughter, because I honestly believe that at least a passing familiarity with another language can only benefit her in later life.  But then I struggle because I wonder if I am doing her a disservice by not teaching her Spanish.  I remember purposefully choosing NOT to take Spanish in middle school because I didn’t want to be like “everybody else.”  Now I wonder if that was the right choice.

That being said, I am glad things turned out the way they did.  I love learning Italian.  I love every word, and the structure just makes sense to me.  By passing up the typical language classes, trying French and finding it lacking, I found a language that feels like home for me.  Learning it is tough, and sporadic at best given everything else I have going on, but it’s worth it.  My ultimate goal is fluency, but I don’t know if it’s possible without immediate contact with native speakers on a regular basis.

So here’s where I’m looking for your thoughts.  Are you fluent in a second language?  How did it happen for you?  Are you learning another language now?  What are you doing, and how’s it going?

Chime in, I’d love to know…

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5 Responses to “Language journeys”
  1. reen says:

    I speak what I call “fractured French”. It’s mostly a by-product of living in Canada, I could get around Quebec if necessary without too much trouble, but I find it much easier to understand what people are saying as opposed to trying to conjugate my own verbs.
    Hopefully, one day, I’ll have the time and money to learn it fluently.
    Good luck with your language-list!

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