How cluttered is your fridge?

Over at the New York Time’s eminently readable parenting blog Motherlode, they are discussing a new study of middle class, two-income, multiple kid family life. This study documented each moment inside the houses of 32 families, and among the headline results are: women do more housework than men, women de-stress by talking, men do not, and . . . . if your fridge door is cluttered your house likely is too. (Guilty, and guilty).

But what struck me in the Time’s article was this: The researchers said watching the footage was a great form of birth control. This really gave me some pause. How do the study subjects feel about that? Are they happy? Did anyone ask them?

So yeah, maybe we have messy homes and less than 10% of our time is spent alone at home with our spouses, but I fail to see how any of that means this is such an awful life. As I mentioned earlier, it makes me sad that our public dialogue about family life is so negative in tone.

That being said, do their “fridge” findings hold true in your house?

2 Responses to “How cluttered is your fridge?”
  1. Skinny Sushi says:

    The inside of the fridge or the outside? Wait… both are cluttered, and so is the rest of our house… I’m just not into cleaning to the point of constantly organizing. Besides, I don’t know how to keep everything in place with a now fully mobile one year old.

    It’s funny, because I’ve actually had several friends tell me that being around us and the baby has made them LESS afraid of having kids. So maybe they chose super high strung families for the study… We’re pretty chill over here, which makes the little girl pretty chill, which puts everyone else at ease too.

    If Zen could be categorized as clutter, we’d totally be a Zen monastery over here.

    • H says:

      Oops! Thanks, I realize I wasn’t as clear as I should have been and edited — they meant the fridge door. lol. I love it. I’m calling our house Zen from now on!

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