eating seasonally

As the weather warms, she says ignoring the recent bout of overnight frost warnings in our area, I find myself thinking about delicious tomato sandwiches.  The kind where their sweet juice runs down your face as you bite into it.  The kind that you made yourself after plucking a tomato, still warm and sun-kissed, right from the vine.  The kind where you feel like you are eating summer on a sandwich. 

I love this time of year where it is so simple to eat seasonally.  For me, asparagus is the harbinger.  I love to roast it simply tossed in olive oil salt and pepper.  This spring vegetable gets me thinking about all the fresh veggies that are about to come my way as we wind into summer.

My area is inundated with Farmers Markets.  You could hit one nearly every day of the week if you wanted.  Check them out in your own neighborhood and see if you don’t agree that a sandwich made of just tomato, mayo, salt and pepper doesn’t taste just like summer.

If you don’t have time to visit local farmer’s markets, consider joining a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture, or CSAs, are also a great option if you want to eat seasonally and support your local agriculture. Basically you locate a CSA, purchase a share or subscription, and away you go.  Find one in your area and start to enjoy the bounty of the season. 

Last week we joined a produce delivery service.  For us, this option was a little more practical than joining a CSA.  The company we selected promises to bring fresh seasonal items to my doorstep as often as once a week.  They allow me to decide what will be in my box when it arrives, or to pass on a delivery all together without penalty.  Their options afford me such flexibility that I am sure to become a long time customer.  Our first delivery arrived on Tuesday and we are plowing (no pun intended) our way through fresh fruit and vegetables and supporting sustainable local agriculture!  If you are in the Washington DC area, check them out.  I highly recommend Washington’s Green Grocer.  Last night I cut some of our freshly delivered corn right off the cob and tossed it into our seafood pasta salad.  I didn’t even have to cook the corn, it was already so sweet – just like candy.  I love eating seasonally – bring it on summer!

2 Responses to “eating seasonally”
  1. Skinny Sushi says:

    We keep trying to hit our local farmer’s market, but so far we’re having a hard time. It’s on Thursday nights, and lately that’s been a running night for us so we don’t have time to get there. You’d think (since we live in the middle of nowhere) that there would be more options… but no.

  2. H says:

    I’ve done a CSA and hope to do one again. One of my favorite things is dealing with the produce you haven’t cooked a lot before. Turns out, for instance, I think Kohlrabi rocks, and 5 years ago, I would have thought it was a punk band.

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