mean people suck

As the school year was ending last year, a horrific tragedy struck my community.  A young boy was beaten to death by a group of his former classmates as he rode is bicycle in his own community.  I remember crying for the family of the victim and worrying about my own child as this tragedy occurred mere yards from the front door of his own elementary school.  Officials wanted us to believe this was an isolated incident, but the fact of the matter is that bullying is rarely an isolated incident.  What if the first time one of those accused boys had bullied someone, the school officials had taken swift and firm action and expelled the bully?  What if the parents/guardians were made to take educational classes teaching them how to raise children who are not bullies?  What if our children didn’t feel as though they had to shy away from bullies, fearing that standing up for themselves might result in their own actions being disciplined?

Later that summer my own son was bullied at summer camp. Fresh on the heels of the recent tragedy, we sat down and discussed the options with our newly minted 6-year-old.  He chose to no longer attend the camp.  I was pleased with his choice, mostly because I am a worrier.  I didn’t want to drop him off each day and wonder what would become of him while the counselors either turned a blind eye or were so overworked could not keep tabs on all the children.  Either way, I couldn’t resolve myself with the likely outcome for my own child.  When I called and requested a refund for the weeks of camp we would be missing I was sad to learn that they knew the offending bully/child was a problem.  I was sad to learn that although they had talked to both the bully/child and his parents on more than one occasion, that child was still acting the part of a bully.  I was angry that the bully/child was still allowed to attend the camp, while I was left searching for a new summer activity for my own child.

What if the first time George Huguely bullied someone action was taken?  Would Yeardly Love still be with us?  I don’t know about you, but I am not sure it is a coincidence that the Duke lacrosse players accused of rape (in 2006) attended the same high school as Huguely.  And before you say it, yes, I know those charged were dropped in the Duke case.  I still don’t believe its a coincidence.

Mean people suck.  What do you think we should do about it?  Do you talk to your child about bullies? What is your school’s policy on bullies?


3 Responses to “mean people suck”
  1. Hey Nicole! Love your post and it’s so true! Bullies get away with too much! A friend of mine has a bullying incident with her 8 year old. Little did she know the principle made the bullies and her son “be friends”. My friend’s son came home picking on his sister…not the right way to handle it!
    I think there should be a zero tolerance for it!
    I’ll be back here!
    Kristin (Bonnell)

  2. Skinny Sushi says:

    That is so tough… I’d want to go kick the bullies myself!!! My parents taught us, as I will teach Evi, that hitting is wrong. However, if someone is bullying us and we don’t fight back, we’d be punished! We were never encouraged to hit, but knew we’d better return a punch if someone swung at us.

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  1. […] to check things off the list. oh right, that isn’t going to happen either. and thanks to the summer camp experience gone bad last summer, my six-year-old is not too keen on the idea of camp again […]

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