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Contact List Cleanup

This post is sponsored by Scrubly.com. Scrubly is a quick, safe way to clean up your address book.  Scrubly is a cloud‐based address book cleanup tool that safely and automatically removes duplicate contacts from your Outlook, Mac, Gmail or Google Apps address books. Scrubly also backs up your contacts both before and after scrubbing so … Continue reading

French twist pockets & sangria

With the beginning of football season, it’s great to have easy recipes on hand for great tasting food that can be enjoyed while watching the big game.  For a European twist on the classic football food, try these great recipes. French Twist Football Pockets are a great, handheld snack with a sophisticated taste.  Sangria offers … Continue reading

the answer to every NICU parents #1 question?

new research could potentially lead to insight about the outcome of preemies; whether they will face serious complications or skate through their NICU days with relative ease. as a parent of two NICU graduates, this is exciting news.  if you have never had a loved one hospitalized, it is hard to imagine the agony of wondering what … Continue reading

Healthy from preteen to adult

Preliminary research at Michigan State has linked high fat diets in preteen girls with an increased risk for breast cancer in later life. Although research is ongoing, this study is simply confirming something we’ve long known. BE HEALTHY.  Americans in particular seem to have developed the culture of the teenager, in which preteens and teenagers … Continue reading

The miracle of touch

According to the Daily Mail, a woman in Australia gave birth to premature twins, a boy and a girl. The little girl was struggling but surviving, while the little boy was pronounced dead. The woman and her husband spent two hours cuddling with their limp, still son.  They told him how much he was loved, … Continue reading

Grading the graders

Teachers in the Los Angeles area are angered this week as an LA Times report makes public some private records about teacher performance. Teachers in the paper’s coverage area are outraged, calling the paper’s reporting unfair, irresponsible, and incomplete.  The newspaper, which reported the scores with an accompanying acknowledgment that these test scores are not … Continue reading

True Blood in Rolling Stone

I seem to be among a small minority of people who are fans of the show and yet find this cover to be… awkward?  Several people on Facebook have mentioned that the lovely Eric Northman is quite a bit taller than his costars, and so it’s odd to see him at the same height.  And … Continue reading

Communion dog

–And in a moment of weakness… I prayed to the Virgin Mother to soothe Charly’s soul in his hour of suffering. –You understand an animal has no immortal soul. –I understand, mon pere. –Yet you flout God’s law. –I’m weak and a sinner. –What else? –Impure thoughts…. The woman who runs the chocolaterie. –Vianne Rocher? … Continue reading

Cameron Diaz is dangerous…

She looks innocent enough, right?  Cameron Diaz has been a popular Hollywood actress for years now and recently starred in a film with Tom Cruise… but that’s not what has her appearing all over the news lately. Instead, the big story about Diaz is that she’s dangerous!  According to McAfee and PC Magazine, Ms. Diaz … Continue reading

Just too many

According to People magazine, the reality stars who already have nineteen children are ready for number twenty! Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are Baptists and, from what I understand, believe that it is up to God to decide how many children they will have. I very much respect people’s rights to make their own decisions … Continue reading